Winco Safari - Authentic Safaris


Winco Safari is an indigenous company in Uganda that offers authentic and life changing safaris in Uganda coupled with extension safaris in Mara-Kenya and Rwanda that can be guided in English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese. Our safari packages are carefully tailored to offer more than just visiting attractions but provide our Safariers with memorable and life-changing safari itineraries that promote our country’s wildlife and host communities. We seek to offer a personalized service from the time of that you get in touch with us to the time that we receive you, our selection of Guides, activities, transportation and accommodations.



For You

Thinking of what to add to your bucket-list? Visiting Africa and Uganda in particular opens you to a whole new world that you never knew existed, Uganda has got a diverse yet warm culture of people,beautiful landscapes and wildlife that are worth visiting. Our safaris are designed to give you authentic experiences, learn more about Africa, and make your holiday memorable

For God & My Country

We are committed to empowering the local Ugandans through the various safaris that we put tailor, our safaris take you to various wildlife places that co-exist with local communities; activities and accommodation in these wildlife places makes a difference in the livelihood of these communities.

In other safaris; upon approval from the Safariers, we spontaneously visit a local school and participate in classroom lessons, you may engage in tea picking together with the local people in tea plantations, a community visit by our Safariers is not only insightful but also a blessing to the locals.

We have partnered up with local initiatives that support community goals such as Education in the remote national parks..


Uganda is home to more than half to the endangered Mountain Gorillas in the whole world, we find it our responsibility to protect these magnificent giants and the rest of Uganda’s wildlife and cultural heritage. Through our safaris, we have partnered up with organizations that are actively conserving and protecting our wildlife sanctuaries..

Our safaris come with carbon-offset options to ensure that our Safariers have travelled carbon-neutral.

We have carefully selected our lodges on behalf of our Safariers to ensure that they have the best experience and comfort with minimal impact on the environment, most of the lodges run on solar, accommodations are built from wood, and they employ the local communities.